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Sustainability in Proteomics Research


“We design our software with the goal to create  maximum knowledge from a single sample, helping the user to run less experiments and upvalue already existing data.”

At MSAID, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices in all aspects of our business. From our choice of office space to the way we design our code, we strive to make proper use of resources and sustainability a priority.

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Environmental Benefits and Green Technology


“MSAID has taken this commitment to sustainability a step further by developing CHIMERYS on compute infrastructure powered by environmentally friendly hydropower. In production, CHIMERYS runs as cloud-service    powered by >65% renewable energy, resulting in less underutilized compute hardware in proteomics laboratories. This ensures that the computational resources required for CHIMERYS recruited only  when needed and in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner." 


  • CHIMERYS is designed to minimize the required compute through very efficient C++ code, and reduces  its carbon footprint though on-demand scaling of cloud resources instead of requiring purchasing high performance servers

  • CHIMERYS improves cost-efficiency in bottom-up proteomics by streamlining experiments and reducing the need for expensive chemical multiplexing chemical reagents, making experiments cheaper for scientists.

  • CHIMERYS identifies more peptides and proteins from smaller sample sizes, enabling fewer and shorter LC-MS runs. This saves time and energy while maximizing the use of limited samples.

CHIMERYS is trimmed for compute efficiency, making the software an environmentally sustainable, and accurate solution for bottom-up proteomics data analysis. Using it's advanced algorithms, its identified more proteins per hour than any other proteomic search algorithm, thereby shorting required LC-MS time to achieve the desired analysis depth. Additionally, we commitment to sustainability by utilizing of cloud-based servers powered by green energy, scaled on-demand to abolish the need for standing infrastructure at the user's site.

Energy Efficiency

  • Use energy-efficient computer settings and equipment: We use energy-efficient computers for development and equipment, such as monitors that automatically turn off when not in use and laptops that use less power.

  • Use carbon-neutral servers, hosting, and data centers: We use carbon-neutral servers, hosting, and data centers in Germany and northern Europe to minimize our carbon footprint and reduce the environmental impact of our digital operations.

  • 100% renewable energy & Climate control: our hosting provider uses electricity from renewable sources for the energy supply in the data center parks, using hydropower in Germany and hydropower and wind power in Finland. As well as direct-free cooling that ensures environmentally friendly cooling of the IT hardware.

Climate Neutral & Our Carbon Footprint 

  • We have our main office located at the gate in Garching: a climate-neutral tech center and a hub for innovative start-ups in the Munich area. This center provides us with a collaborative environment and access to the latest technologies and resources to help us reduce our carbon footprint. You can view the certificates for climate neutrality and information on the amount of CO2 at
  • AWS Servers Data & Our Carbon Footprint: We regularly calculate our carbon footprint to identify areas where we can improve and reduce our environmental impact even further. 

Sustainable Practices and Environmental Responsibility in our Workplace

  • We prioritize digital communication and document sharing over paper to minimize our carbon footprint. Paper invoices, memos, and other documents have been eliminated, and we will continue seeking ways to promote sustainable practices.
  • We support remote work and encourage our employees to work from home for possible, reducing the need for commuting and related environmental impacts.
  • We offer JobRad, a bicycle leasing model that reduces the number of cars on the road, thus decreasing carbon emissions and promoting an active lifestyle.
  • By providing employees with subsidized job tickets, the company helps reduce the number of cars on the road, which ultimately reduces carbon emissions. 
  • Virtual attendance is preferred for conferences to minimize air travel and promote sustainability. With the advancements in technology, virtual attendance is becoming more prevalent and is an excellent way to promote sustainability.
  • We are taking air travel not lightly but always try to send minimal crowds to places. By sending minimal crowds to places, the company is reducing carbon emissions while still meeting business needs.
  • We will begin to voluntarily offset CO₂ emissions. The compensation will go towards carbon offset projects that help reduce carbon emissions.

At MSAID, we believe that sustainable practices are not only good for the environment but also for our business and society as a whole. We are committed to doing our part to create a more sustainable future and hope to inspire others to do the same.

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