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Proteomic Services


Services and Custom-Tailored Projects

MSAID offers a variety of services that can be tailored to address your needs. MSAID's experienced team of developers and data scientists work closely with clients to understand their needs and develop customized software solutions that will help them to achieve their goals. Talk to us to learn how our customized solutions can advance your data analysis pipelines and help you to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Custom Deep Learning Models

Our generic deep learning framework provides the flexibility to expand our prediction capabilities and customize them to your needs, instruments, and infrastructure.

Custom In-Silico Spectral Libraries

Generating large spectral libraries is cumbersome, expensive, and rarely yields comprehensive and transferable results. 

Deep Learning-Based Data Analysis

We have developed next-generation data analysis services that reliably identify up to three times more peptide-spectrum-matches than classical workflows. 


With our long-standing expertise in proteomics and proteomic data analysis, we are the perfect partner to test, evaluate and improve your proteomics data workflows. 

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