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Transforming Proteomics
with Artificial Intelligence

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The All-in-one Solution for Proteomics Data Analysis

Powered by CHIMERYS™, our cloud architecture offers scalable proteomics data storage, processing, and visualization. With API integration and tiered subscriptions, transform raw data into insights.

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The Future of Proteomic Data Analysis Software

MSAID [ɛm ɛs eɪd] transforms the way scientists analyze proteomics data. We aid mass spectrometry with artificial intelligence (AI) by providing cutting-edge software and data analysis services for proteomics using powerful machine learning algorithms.


The New Intelligent Search Algorithm
An AI-driven leap forward in peptide identification

Our Software


Transforming Proteomics with Artificial Intelligence-Driven Software Solutions

Powered by vast amounts of training data, we develop deep learning models for bottom-up proteomics and integrate them into innovative software solutions:

Our Services

Custom Deep Learning Models 

Our generic deep learning framework provides the flexibility to expand our prediction capabilities and customize them to your needs, instruments, and infrastructure.

Deep Learning-Based Data Analysis

We have developed next-generation data analysis services that reliably identify up to three times more peptide-spectrum-matches than classical workflows.

Custom In-Silico Spectral Libraries

Generating spectral libraries is cumbersome, expensive, and rarely comprehensive. Predicted spectral libraries can be generated for any peptide sequence and organism.


With our long-standing expertise in proteomics and proteomic data analysis, we are the perfect partner to test, evaluate, and improve your proteomics data workflows.