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MSAID Platform
The Web-Based Proteomics Platform

The All-in-one Solution for Proteomics Data Analysis


Experience our all-new Platform for proteomics!  The scalable cloud architecture offers scalable proteomics data storage, processing powered by CHIMERYS™ 4, systematic result storage and interrogation of data directly in the browser. With API integration and tiered subscriptions, it will aid you to transform raw data into insights.

  • One ecosystem from raw data to insight

  • Scalable data storage and elastic compute

  • Interactive data exploration and data visualization  

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Systematic analysis and interrogation of data: Streamlining data processes, this platform enables cross-experiment aggregation, systematic API-based interrogation of thousands of files, user-friendly one-click visualizations, and seamless integration of external data sources for efficient exploration.
Seamless data processing for big proteomic data: A subscription-based ecosystem ensures seamless data processing from raw information to insights, featuring a low entry barrier. It excels in ultra-scalable, cost-efficient data deposition and cloud computing for optimal data utilization.
Aiding knowledge to action conversion: Utilizing AI, the platform classifies and augments raw data, ensuring precision. Interpretation modules, like the LLM interface, yield insightful results. An automatic QC pipeline enhances efficiency, while tailored expert views cater to specific user groups, ensuring a user-friendly experience

MSAID Platform Proteomic Workflow

Major progress has been achieved in enhancing aspects of the proteomics process.
The MSAID Platform combines these improvements into a unified solution.


Plans for teams of all sizes

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